The Sony Announcements

Today is the day the Sony reveals the new console. Will it really be a full on new console? Will it be over priced like when the PS3 first came out? I hope that Sony learned from it’s mistakes in the past and don’t repeat them. I hope the new console can live up to our expectations. I have just a small part of me the is saying “No. This is going to be the most pointless thing and it will be exactly like the PS3 but looks a little different.” I’m trying to punch that feeling in the face. I’m hoping they have interesting game line ups. Not something like Cookie Monster Needs Help!-BULL . I want games like Final Fantasy VII the remake and then they announce the bundle with it. That would make my year. Well we’ll see what happens tonight when they make the announcements. I think I speak for all of us not the in NYC area not watching it with our own eyes when I say you lucky b*****ds. Here’s a link to an article about it!

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