I’m Gonna Wreck It!

YES! I have been waiting for this movie to come out since I saw it in theaters! This movie is perfect in all ways. I’m talking about Wreck-It Ralph!

Don’t worry NO spoilers.


This movie is close to my heart in many ways. Yeah I’m going to get all cheesy and blahblah. I can’t help it! This is the movie I saw on my first date with my boyfriend. Yeah that’s the main reason it’s close to my heart. Also that it’s about video games. But! It’s still a fantastic movie! Lets start with the art and animation. First off that picture up there explains it. Ah brings back memories.

Disney did a fantastic job on the 3D animation! I love the characters as well. A lot we all can recognize. As we can see Sonic and a Pac-Man ghost are right there.. with others of course! You know what I’m saying.

They did a good job making you understand what it’s like to be a video game character. The story really tug at the heart strings as well. I have to warn you…you might cry. Yeah so don’t bring your girlfriend if you don’t want her to see you cry. The creativity with this movie is off the charts! I love how they have the Game Central Station. It’s a power pack! That’s amazing! Every little thing in this movie adds more to it and makes it even more original. This is up there in my favorite movies department. This is great for everyone at any age. It has the classic and modern feel to it. It has just..EVERYTHING. I seriously can’t get enough of it!


Look all I’m saying is you have to buy this movie. I mean they have little popcorn people! How f***ing cute is that? Also if you want to know more about how they did this movie or just more information all around about it then you should check out The art of Wreck-It Ralph book. They tell you about so much stuff it’s awesome! They did a lot of clever stuff to help make the movie!

Hey! You should play Wreck-It Ralph! That’s right! You can actually play the game! It’s a lot of fun and makes me want to actually own it. Along with Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush! Check it out! 

Wreck-It Ralph comes out on DVD March 5th. Be sure to get it!

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Did you know in Japan people don’t say “lol”. Nope. They go wwwww. I think I find wwww more funny and eye appealing that “lol”. It comes from their characters of laugh and smile. I guess they have been doing this since.. well forever. How great is that? WWWWWW

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