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Now this game I can’t put down. You know Space Invaders right? Of course you do! This game is like an updated version of it.  The game app is called Radiant HD.

I’m a big fan of Space Invaders already but this version blew my mind. The colors are fantastic and just pop! They don’t annoy the eye though which is really good. Not only does it have Space Invaders but it as some Asteroids as well. It starts off fairly easy and gets gradually more complicated as you go. Don’t worry though you get save points! So it’s not a big deal if you lose all your lives. You also get upgrades for health and your weapons. Yup weaponS. With a capital S. You can buy different weapons and upgrade them to be much more powerful. How you collect money is when you destroy ships. Simple enough right? I truly enjoy this game. I highly suggest this! Put this on your phone. Now. Seriously..

Check it!

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Remember these?

For those of you who grew up in the 90’s and below you might remember a small toy called the Tamagotchi. Remember? Well here this might help..

Yeah those!

I loved these when I was younger. Even if I killed it as soon as I got home from the store I still loved it. Well good news! They want everyone’s childhood to come back! They now have it as an app! It is for both Apple and Android! How exciting is this? For the younger viewers out there this is sort of like a mobile Sim. If you don’t know what a Sim is then I can’t help you and you have a sad life. Maybe I could compare it to the Adult Swim game My Lil’ Bastard..but more kid friendly.  People are talking about it everywhere! I’ve had quite a few people ask me if I know that it’s out yet. I DO OK? I highly suggest this. When you just want to kill time this can be pretty fun. Just keep in mind you have to take care of it like a IRL pet. Though this pet might die in an hour so be careful. And remember have fun!

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Here’s the link about the Tamagotchi app!

Here’s the link to My Lil’ Bastard!