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So you’ve seen shirts and home decor. What is a good website for more World of Warcraft/Star Craft/Minecraft/Portal 2/Call of Duty/more? Many have heard of them already but in case you don’t know it’s called..

I have been shopping at this website since I was in middle school. I love and respect it so much. They have great hilarious and very artistic shirts I still have hanging in my closet! They have some sweet stickers for cars and laptops as well. I like to call the stickers band aids. They hide the scratches on my Gameboy Advance SP. Now I’m not as big of a World of Warcraft player like I was when I was younger but whenever I buy WOW clothing Jinx is the place. Not only can you find amazing clothing at Jinx but you can sign up on their website and collect points! You level up as you collect points. At some levels you can collect a free prize from them. Also when you buy their stuff you get gold in return! 100 gold = $1.00

I like that because after awhile you can get a free shirt or something after saving up! Check these guys out! You won’t regret it!

Here’s the link to

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Nerding Out At Home

So you like your house/apt/room but it needs something. A little nerdy touch? Not that kind. Home decor! “But Air where do I find things like this? It seems just..impossible!” No it’s not friends. There is this site I love to go to for the funny, amazing, and real nerdy things I never knew I wanted. They have things from Doctor Who, Mario, Portal, Star Wars, Star Trek,  Adventure Time,  Steam Punk, Lego, and tons more! I love this site! I haven’t told you the site name yet though have I? Well it’s called..


This is an amazing site. They have good prices and are way customer friendly! I have had nothing but positive experiences with this place! They have themed items as well! I was all like

when I saw this site. I never knew a site like this existed! Here are a couple things you can find on this site..

Like Minecraft? Have a light.


I need new coasters. But I love Rubik’s Cubes..

Yeah. It’s all real.

This is hands down my favorite online store to buy nerdy things from. Everyone should check them out! You will not be disappointed! Here’s the link to ThinkGeek!

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Remember these?

For those of you who grew up in the 90’s and below you might remember a small toy called the Tamagotchi. Remember? Well here this might help..

Yeah those!

I loved these when I was younger. Even if I killed it as soon as I got home from the store I still loved it. Well good news! They want everyone’s childhood to come back! They now have it as an app! It is for both Apple and Android! How exciting is this? For the younger viewers out there this is sort of like a mobile Sim. If you don’t know what a Sim is then I can’t help you and you have a sad life. Maybe I could compare it to the Adult Swim game My Lil’ Bastard..but more kid friendly.  People are talking about it everywhere! I’ve had quite a few people ask me if I know that it’s out yet. I DO OK? I highly suggest this. When you just want to kill time this can be pretty fun. Just keep in mind you have to take care of it like a IRL pet. Though this pet might die in an hour so be careful. And remember have fun!

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Here’s the link about the Tamagotchi app!

Here’s the link to My Lil’ Bastard!

Shirts, Shirts, and more Shirts.

Who doesn’t love a good shirt? The feel of the cotton on your skin…the nerdy-ness of the front and or back or it..amazing. I’m here to tell you about this amazing online store called SHIRT PUNCH! That is their actual name! Everyday they have 2 shirts on sale for $10. Great price right? Everyday is a different shirt and it has something nerdy on it! Anime, video games, TV, movies, it’s all so awesome! I love this site! You only have 24 hours to get the shirt or else you miss out! ShirtPunch is the bomb I highly suggest it! Check it out! ShirtPunch

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The Worst Game Ending Ever..

Don’t you hate it when you are heading towards the game’s end only to find out how terrible the ending is? Everything about the game was great but the ending was just too disappointing? Or maybe the game was terrible and had a worse ending. I’m going to tell you my most hated ending of all time. WARNING! THERE IS A SPOILER! This game dates back to the old Xbox. The game might be familiar with you Star Wars fans. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II. I love both of these games. I mean I LOVE them. I love everything about them! All but one thing between them both do I hate. The ending to the 2nd one is the worst ever. EVER. All the build up and all the action mean nothing in the end.

“The ending to KOTOR II was great! I felt the closure to it!”- said NO ONE

Here’s a link to watch it.  KOTOR II

It was like they suddenly had something to do! “How do you think we should end this? I imagine a great-”

“No no just hurry up we have other s**t to take care of! HURRY!”

How could they do this? How is it possible to do this to fans? It’s like someone gave you a bag of candy and said “Hey there’s some money at the bottom but you have to eat the candy first.” You enjoy this candy so you don’t mind! Then right when you’re reaching for the money they rip that s**t from your hands and give you the bird. It’s terrible!

So that is my most hated game ending. Comment below and tell me your most hated ending to a game!

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It’s the year of Luigi!

That’s right! A Nintendo Direct! For those of you who don’t know what it is it’s where Satoru Iwata – the president of Nintendo- announces some new upcoming games and more to let the fans know what they’re up to.  So far what I’m most excited about is the Luigi’s Mansion 2 for 3DS. There have been quite a few announcements such as..

Donkey Kong Country Returns for 3DS
Lots of new 3DS eShop titles including Dillon 2.
Wii U eShop The Google Map app is available and free!

Here are a couple links to some things people have heard so far.

News about the 3DS EShop

News about Mario Golf for 3DS

News about Wii U and 3Ds

And here is the Official Nintendo video! Satoru even has a Luigi hat! Makes my day.

Say Whhaattt?

So you like JonTron and his friends and family. Who else is good to watch? What on this thing called YouTube is good to watch? I’ll tell you who..Hey Ash Whatcha Playin? Yes that is right my friends! It is a brother and sister duo and they are hilarious together in these videos. Each episode is different from the others and it is gut busting hilarious. Every episode is a different game parody as well! There is nothing like them anywhere! I always am excited for the new episodes to come out. This YouTube series will leave you wanting for more! Check them out!

Here is their first episode!   HAWPOfficial video

Here is their official website as well!

Or you can go straight to the YouTube channel! HAWPOfficial