A challenge!

I have accepted the quest of beating 4 games in 1 month. I started this month actually. My rules are as followed…

Rule #1- It has to be started and defeated in February.

Rule #2- The game can not be on easy mode. It has to be normal mode or above.

Rule #3- Playing multiplayer games do not count. I must beat them myself.

Rule #4- It can’t be a game I’ve played before.

I can however play old or new games.

I have completed 1 so far. Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It wasn’t too bad. I liked it pretty well. Some stuff I would of liked different but I it was a fun play. I will update with the next games I defeat!



Good news everyone!

I’m Air and I’m pretty excited to get this started. I will talk about movies, games, interesting news, technology, places that kick major ass, and so much more! I’m a gamer, Magic player, movie watcher, and just and all around nerd and or geek. Please enjoy the reads!