The Worst Game Ending Ever..

Don’t you hate it when you are heading towards the game’s end only to find out how terrible the ending is? Everything about the game was great but the ending was just too disappointing? Or maybe the game was terrible and had a worse ending. I’m going to tell you my most hated ending of all time. WARNING! THERE IS A SPOILER! This game dates back to the old Xbox. The game might be familiar with you Star Wars fans. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II. I love both of these games. I mean I LOVE them. I love everything about them! All but one thing between them both do I hate. The ending to the 2nd one is the worst ever. EVER. All the build up and all the action mean nothing in the end.

“The ending to KOTOR II was great! I felt the closure to it!”- said NO ONE

Here’s a link to watch it.  KOTOR II

It was like they suddenly had something to do! “How do you think we should end this? I imagine a great-”

“No no just hurry up we have other s**t to take care of! HURRY!”

How could they do this? How is it possible to do this to fans? It’s like someone gave you a bag of candy and said “Hey there’s some money at the bottom but you have to eat the candy first.” You enjoy this candy so you don’t mind! Then right when you’re reaching for the money they rip that s**t from your hands and give you the bird. It’s terrible!

So that is my most hated game ending. Comment below and tell me your most hated ending to a game!

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