Nerding Out At Home

So you like your house/apt/room but it needs something. A little nerdy touch? Not that kind. Home decor! “But Air where do I find things like this? It seems just..impossible!” No it’s not friends. There is this site I love to go to for the funny, amazing, and real nerdy things I never knew I wanted. They have things from Doctor Who, Mario, Portal, Star Wars, Star Trek,  Adventure Time,  Steam Punk, Lego, and tons more! I love this site! I haven’t told you the site name yet though have I? Well it’s called..


This is an amazing site. They have good prices and are way customer friendly! I have had nothing but positive experiences with this place! They have themed items as well! I was all like

when I saw this site. I never knew a site like this existed! Here are a couple things you can find on this site..

Like Minecraft? Have a light.


I need new coasters. But I love Rubik’s Cubes..

Yeah. It’s all real.

This is hands down my favorite online store to buy nerdy things from. Everyone should check them out! You will not be disappointed! Here’s the link to ThinkGeek!

Be sure to check out my other posts where I talk about all sorts of nerdy stuff!


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