Youtube Channels!

So you love to laugh, watch things about video games, and love to watch videos. There is this thing on the interwebs that is called YouTube. I happen to know some pretty amazing channels that everyone should check out.

There are some pretty amazing guys I like to watch play and review games.

The first guy is JonTron. Hilarious guy and his bird. Here’s the link —>    JonTronShow

The next guy is Egoraptor. Another hilarious guy. Here’s the link —>   egoraptor

They also work together on something called Game Grumps. Together there are an unstoppable force that can defeat anything. Here’s the link —>   GameGrumps

They also have this amazing thing called Did You Know Gaming. They talk about things you didn’t know or expect from games!                           Here’s the link —>  DYKGaming

They also have some friends that are also hilarious and play video games. Go to Normal Boots. They have the whole family! Though the site is no longer with us but they have links to others as well as JonTron. Here’s the link —>   normalboots


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