Comic Book Wednesday

You know Pendleton Ward right? Maybe he just sounds familiar? I’ll give you a hint as to what he is famous for…


He was the creator of Adventure Time! How amazing is that show? Pretty f****ing amazing if you ask me. He also voices my favorite character..Lumpy Space Princess (LSP). Well he also has this web series he created it’s called Bravest Warriors. Not only is this a web series it’s also a comic book series! Kick ass right?!


The comics sometimes from what I’ve noticed have different covers. I don’t mind it so much but it was just confusing for a few seconds. Though I have only read #1 so far I love it already. It has that great Adventure Time humor but with it’s own little twist as well. It has the familiar art we all know and love too! It’s about these 4 teens you can hire to take care of your dirty space work. That’s the quick version. I say this comic book series is definitely a…

Here’s the link to Bravest Warriors!


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